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Crystal Growing Competition

Looking for a fun and educational learning opportunity for primary and secondary school students interested in chemistry? Why not take part in your state's Crystal Growing Competition!

Our Crystal Growing Competition is a great way to have fun with science, and take part in simple chemical experiments. 

As well as growing crystals, students will uncover the many sides of crystals and how they are used in our daily lives, from sugar and salt through to LCD computer and TV screens. 

Winners of the state competitions go through to the National Crystal Growing Competition.

As the competition varies slightly from state-to-state, please click on your own State for more details.

Unfortunately, all our competitions have been affected by COVID-19 this year. Some states have chosen to withdraw until 2021.

Please click on the right for your State's full instructions and registration details.



National Crystal Growing Competition

Details of the 2019 National Crystal Growing Competition here