Titration Teacher Challenge 2021

Can you titrate as well as your students? Here’s your chance to find out!

The RACI invites all Chemistry educators, Chemistry teachers and school/university laboratory technicians to take part in the Titration Teacher Challenge. This is an opportunity to encourage and mentor less experienced / new graduate Chemistry teachers and laboratory technicians at your institution to develop their Titration skills in their own laboratory environment.

Registrations for the Challenge have now closed.  Entries need to submitted by 3pm Friday 24 September 2021.

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2021 Results Leaderboard

As we have results coming in over a period of time, we thought we'd share a rolling Leaderboard with you. Well done to everyone who has participated. We've agreed to not publish names, so we hope you know who you are! 

Initials  State Deviation 
 KH  QLD  0
 SS  TAS  3
 LB  QLD  3
 EP  QLD  9
 CF  VIC  15
 PS  QLD  15
 SL  QLD  19


How it works

  • Register for the Challenge here. Cost $11 (incl. GST). 
  • We will send you two sample tubes to titrate.
  • Chemistry educators, teachers and laboratory technicians will participate as individuals rather than in teams.
  • The analysis should be completed within 3 hours. You complete the analysis in your own time at your place of employment.
  • Submit your Entry. Entries close 3pm on Friday 24 September 2021. Please email your answer to the Titration Teacher Challenge Coordinator - Elaine Bergmann FRACI CChem
  • Your results will remain confidential between yourself and the Titration Teacher Challenge Coordinator. No results will be published on the website.
  • Plaques and Certificates will be awarded.
  • This is not a competition and is not designed to encourage competition amongst teachers and laboratory technicians. 



  • All entries will receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Entries obtaining a result of Excellent Standard will receive a certificate recognising their achievement.
  • A plaque will be awarded to each of the top 10% of participants, providing that each of these has submitted a result of Excellent Standard (see Section 6 of the Rules).
Titration Teacher Challenge

2021 Challenge registrations have now closed. Entries need to be submitted by 3pm Friday 24 September 2021. 

Helpful Links

A Guide to the Titration Challenge: Click here to download


Training Videos

Titration Training | Making a Standard Solution

Titration Training | Acid-base titration

Please note the RACI runs two Titration initiatives:

  • The Australian National Titration Competition for secondary/high school students, and
  • Titration Teacher Challenge for teachers, science technicians and all those involved in the secondary or tertiary teaching of chemistry to students.

This webpage contains information on the Titration Teacher Challenge.