ACT Crystal Growing Competition 2020

ACT Crystal Growing Competition 2020
ACT Stay at home with Science: Free Registration - At home and online for the ceremony- Register by 31 Jul 2020

Do you want to have fun with Science? Then enter the RACI ACT Crystal Growing Competition and learn all about growing beautiful crystals.

The aim is to grow the best possible crystal of potash alum or another substance over a period of 6 weeks during Term 2/3, closing on Friday 07 August 2020. Winners will be announced during National Science Week (15-23 August 2020). The awards giving ceremony will be held at the University of Canberra Open Day on Saturday 22 August 2020 at 12 noon, Science building , Chemistry labs and broadcasted online at the ACT crystal growing competition Facebook page.

Crystals will be judged on shape and clarity firstly, rather than size. The winning crystals in each division will receive certificates/trophy with winning schools receiving a recognition. Winner's crystals will be sent to the national crystal growing competition if circumstances allow.

Crystals are to be grown by families, individuals or small groups of up to 3 students. One (1) winning crystal and two (2) runners up will be chosen for each division, and the judging will require the actual crystals to be sent in and photographed. Crystals will be judged on size, shape and clarity. Each state will choose up to seven (7) crystals per division to the National Competition judging panel.

The competition is judged in the following categories:

Preschool-kindy division
Year 1-3 division
Year 4-6 division
Year 7-10 division
Year 11-12 and open division (public entry)

How to register? Free registration

1. Register below

If you are not an RACI Member, you will need to create an account below to register. 

  • For teachers registering your students (individual entry), you can register them via 'Register Someone Else' (you can add more as a 'guest')
  •  For team registrations, you can register them by putting school name and team number instead of first name and last name. (Again, you can add more teams as a 'guest', and individual participating student names for each team should be typed in the 'Questions' field.)
  • Please note that there are  mandatory 'Questions' to complete the registrations for each registrant. 
2. Alum will be provided free of charge (sponsored by the National Science Week ACT), however, please send your request to us ASAP as we have limited fund to support the purchase of the alum from Rowe Scientific:

*Alum can be purchased separately from Rowe Scientific:
Please use this form and send it directly to Rowe Scientific.

3. Send your crystals, reports and list of individuals involved to; 
Prof. Dr Ashraf Ghanem
University of Canberra, School of Science, Science building 3, office C42, Bruce 2617 ACT

If you require instruction/assistance, please contact Ashraf Ghanem.

6/9/2020 - 7/31/2020

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