Virtual Nyholm Youth Lectures 2020

Virtual Nyholm Youth Lectures 2020
An activity of RACI NSW Branch

The Nyholm Lecture Series commemorates Sir Ronald Nyholm FRS (1917-1971), an outstanding Australian researcher and passionate chemical educator.

A feature of the Lectures is their practical content and interactive presentation style. The content will be approachable and suitable for Year 9 through to year 12 students although principally aimed at year 9 and 10 students.

This year, the lectures will be delivered as Zoom Webinars in Term 4 due to COVID-19 (Free events for all schools nationwide).  Please see below for further information and registration instructions:


  • 10 am(AEDT), Thursday, 5 November 2020 How Metal is Keeping You Alive by Dr Adam Martin

Have you ever wondered why our blood is red? What about how fireworks get their colour? In his Nyholm lecture, Dr Adam Martin will delve into the wonderful world of magnificent metals in celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table. Adam will place a particular focus on the role of metals within your body, and how they are keeping you alive! From why you need to take iron tablets with vitamin C, to how calcium is critical for healthy nerves, to why copper determines your hair colour, Adam will explain why it is always good to have some metal in your life. He will demonstrate the colourful chameleon that is copper, which can change colour or glow depending on its environment.  -->  Register here  (This will direct you to the event page)


  • 10 am(AEDT), Thursday 12 November 2020, Nanotechnology: why is small so big? by Dr Edith Chow

Through microscopic lenses we invite you on a journey to the nano world with Dr Edith Chow from CSIRO. Together we will explore some beautiful things in nature such as the iridescent colour of butterfly wings and the self-cleaning properties of lotus leaves which arise from special nano properties. In this fun and interactive lecture, Edith will draw from practical examples on how these fascinating tiny materials and devices have transformed our everyday lives. So put on your anti-bacterial shirt, apply some zinc oxide sunscreen, and bring along your smartphone while we discover some surprising places where you will encounter nanotechnology.  --> Register here  (This will direct you to the event page)


* Each lecture consists of 20 min lecture presentation (pre-recorded version), followed by 10 min Q&A session with the lecturers. 

* For each school, it is recommended to have someone acting as a host to facilitate the Q&A sessions. 

* Please refer to below Zoom webinar guide on 'how to join' or 'how to participate in Q&A' :

For any issues and questions, please email





11/5/2020 9:00 AM - 11/12/2020 5:00 PM

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