WA Branch Online Chemaraderie

Join the WA Branch in an online Chemaraderie event. All are welcome.

RACI  WA  MAY  Chemaraderie


5.45 pm Wednesday 19th May



Please come to this online Chemaraderie. This is a great chance to meet fellow members and be entertained by guest speakers. All welcome – membership is not a prerequisite to attendance (so please bring a friend).


This is going to be an online only (virtual) event


RACI WA hopes that virtual events will be helpful for members based outside of Perth, and also those members who don’t relish the thought of driving through peak hour traffic to attend Chemaraderies in person.


Virtual meeting

Participants will be sent a Zoom link after registering.

Log in to the Chemaraderie at 5.45 pm using the Zoom link provided.

Cost: Free



There will be two talks this evening. Both speakers are based in the eastern states and  will be presenting on-line.

Comparison of Green and Traditional Extraction of Botanicals

Robert McPherson, BSc, Australian and New Zealand Sales Manager, Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty & Homecare.

Against the backdrop of the climate crisis, more and more consumers, especially from younger generations, are looking to use clean beauty products. Finished goods as well as raw materials that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, low-in-carbon footprint, energy efficient, and cruelty-free will become mainstream in a push to create a better world. However, for natural extracts, traditional and mainstream techniques still employ the use of hazardous organic solvents that cause great environmental damage. In other words, traditional techniques fail to meet the future requirements. Subcritical water extraction is a novel process to make botanical extracts. This technology uses water as the sole extraction solvent. Water, being inexpensive and environmentally friendly, is therefore an ideal solvent for natural extracts for cosmetic applications. The process itself is focused on manipulating the variables of temperature and pressure in such a way that the water transforms itself and modifies its own characteristics. In this way, the polarity of subcritical water is tuneable to resemble various different organic solvents. Such changes in polarity, determined by the dielectric constant, allow the extraction of a broader range of phytoactives, from fat soluble vitamins to water soluble minerals.


Production and Use of Beta-carotene from Saltwater Pink Lakes

Harry Haikalis, Business Manager – Human Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals, BASF.

Further information on this presentation will follow once available.



Registration is necessary in order to receive the Zoom link for the presentation.

Please register before Friday 14th May.

Contact Ben (wabranch@raci.org.au) if you have not received the Zoom link within an hour of the event's commencement time.





5/19/2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
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