Titration Teacher Challenge

Can you titrate as well as your students? Here’s your chance to find out!

The RACI invites all Chemistry educators, Chemistry teachers and school/university laboratory technicians to take part in the Titration Teacher Challenge. This is an opportunity to encourage and mentor less experienced / new graduate Chemistry teachers and laboratory technicians at your institution to develop their Titration skills in their own laboratory environment.

How the Challenge works

  • Register for the Challenge here. Cost $11 (incl. GST). 
  • We will send you two sample tubes to titrate.
  • Chemistry educators, teachers and laboratory technicians will participate as individuals rather than in teams.
  • The analysis should be completed within 3 hours. You complete the analysis in your own time at your place of employment.
  • Submit your Entry by 22 September 2022. Please email your answer to the Titration Teacher Challenge Coordinator - Elaine Bergmann FRACI CChem
  • Results for the best entrants will be announced on the RACI website (with the entrants' permission)
  • Plaques and Certificates will be awarded as shown below.


Awards and Recognition

  • All entries will receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Entries obtaining a result of Excellent Standard will receive a certificate recognising their achievement.
  • A plaque will be awarded to each of the top 10% of participants, providing that each of these has submitted a result of Excellent Standard (see Section 6 of the Rules).


2021 Results

The 2021 Titration Teacher Challenge has now closed and we're excited to announce the 2021 top result – Kazuyuki Hosokawa from Beenleigh State High School (Qld) whose result was spot-on.  We would like to congratulate all contestants on their individual results achieved this year. Below is our final 2021 results leaderboard. Congratulations again to everyone who participated. 

“What I noticed when I first joined the school was the passion for the RACI Titration Competition.”
Read the article here


2021 Final Results Leaderboard 

 Place  Name  School Deviation 
 1  Kazuyuki Hosokawa  Beenleigh State High School, QLD  0
 2  Sue Saunders  Hellyer College, TAS  3
 2  Lorrae Broadley  Mount St Michael's College, QLD  3
 4  Ed Pacey  Bray Park State High School, QLD  9
 5  Cecilia Ford  Blackburn High School, VIC  15
 5  Paul Stokell  St Saviour's College, QLD  15
 7  Steph Lurie  Bray Park State High School, QLD  19
Titration Teacher Challenge

2022 Challenge registrations close 2 September 2022.  Register today.

Register here

Helpful Links

A Guide to the Titration Challenge: Click here to download 


Training Videos

Titration Training | Making a Standard Solution

Titration Training | Acid-base titration

Please note the RACI runs two Titration initiatives:

  • The Australian National Titration Competition for secondary/high school students, and
  • Titration Teacher Challenge for teachers, science technicians and all those involved in the secondary or tertiary teaching of chemistry to students.

This webpage contains information on the Titration Teacher Challenge.