John Leeder

About John 


John is the Managing Director of Leeder Analytical,  a private consulting laboratory providing contract research and forensic services to industry and government departments and training services in the area of sample preparation and use of analytical instrumentation,

  • John has PhD in analytical chemistry and a MBA. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) and has been a member for twenty-six years. He is also a member of the American Chemical Institute (ACI).
  • John has worked in the analytical chemistry field for over 25 years. He has worked as an analytical chemist in NATA accredited Government laboratories, private companies and for companies listed on the Australian stock exchange. He has presented to many boards in Australia and also presented expert evidence in a range of courts in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • He has been a Technical Assessor in the field of chemical testing under ISO17025 since the late 1990’s and a Lead Auditor under ISO9001. John completed an MBA with his main focus on innovation/strategy and also Corporate Governance.
  • For the past twenty years he has been employing Australian Scientist in his analytical chemistry laboratories. John is the managing director and company secretary for Leeder Analytical. My aim would be to help expand the RACI and ensure that the new aspiring chemistry students have a good understanding of the benefits of being an RACI member.       


RACI Direction as I see it

  • The RACI has a long rich history. During this time, there would have been many ideas for promoting the RACI that may have worked well and those that have not. As the decades have passed by different things would come into and out of focus for our members as being important to them. The aim would be for the board to work together as a team to sift through the range of ideas and focus our efforts to make the RACI relevant to members. prosper and survive.
  • Our future is with the young where we need to ensure that we have good visibility with primary, secondary and tertiary students and look for ways to be more engaged with the youth of Australia to promote chemistry and the RACI,
  • Digital Age - look at ways of updating and improving our digital presence. The young are device focused and having a good digital presence that is relevant, across a range of platforms is important. This would involve work being carried out by people skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web design, etc.
  • Member engagement and expectations - try to have a better understanding of what members from the start to those nearing the end of their careers expect and value from the RACI,


John Leeder

Appointed Board Member