Fensham Medal

Recognising outstanding contributions to the teaching of chemistry and science in general over an extended period, the Fensham Medal is the most senior award for education in the RACI. 

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Nominations open in April and close mid June. Candidates are to be nominated and seconded by two senior members of the RACI.  Nominees must be financial MRACI (and above) for a minimum of 3 years. Candidates must have demonstrated outstanding achievement in chemistry and chemistry related teaching and learning excellence over a period of at least 10 years at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels of Chemical Education, or, through public or industry-based appointments.

Information on following criteria is required:

  • the development, presentation and propagation of formal coursework or practical material
  • public delivery of chemistry and science related material in the Australian context
  • theoretical and practice innovations in educational pedagogy related to course design, content, delivery and assessment
  • the nurturing of public awareness and understanding of chemistry and chemistry related science in it broadest context
  • Evidence of outstanding achievement and recognition will include but is not restricted to:-
  • -  awards, prizes and citations for teaching and learning activities
  • -  acceptance of material in peer reviewed educational journals and publications
  • -  one or more text books that have been widely accepted by educational institutions
  • -  incorporation of material into curricula at the State and National levels
  • -  the impact of the candidate's contributions to chemistry and science teaching as attested to by a set of independent statements from former students
  • -  invitations to learning and teaching conferences as plenary or keynote speaker
  • -  a documented history of public lectures and presentations that develop a greater understanding of the chemical sciences in the population in general
  • Email and telephone contacts of no more than four referees.


Please email in a single PDF document to [email protected] (Subject: Fensham Award) no later than 12 June 2022.  Receipt will be acknowledged by return email.

If in the opinion of the Board there is no candidate who has sufficient merit, the Board may refrain from making an award.

The decision of the judges will be subject to the approval of the RACI Board. The Board decision is final and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into.


Gwen Lawrie
Richard John
Siegbert Schmid
Mauro Mocerino
Tina Overton
J Shapter
B Yates
      S Pyke
      R Morton
      K Lim
      R Bucat


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Gwen Lawrie