Be a Catalyst for Change: Breaking Down Barriers to Maximise Australian Female Talent in Chemistry

Written by Anitha Kopinathan, Lucy Weaver and Katherine Locock 

Published 5 June 2020, Australian Journal of Chemistry, CSIRO


Catalysts were invented to speed up chemical reactions, helping to maximise yields from available resources. If the same logic is applied to chemists themselves, what impact would this have on helping us maximise Australian female talent in the chemistry sector? This article aims to provide information on the current problems faced by female chemists across categories of workplace culture, work–life balance, measures of merit, and mentorship. It also serves as a call to action for all of us who work in the chemistry sector to be that catalyst (#catalystforchangeinchemistry) – to help speed up change towards gender equality that will, in turn, maximise our collective and diverse talents.


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