Ceramisphere Site Tour and Networking event – Tuesday 30th March

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson/ Chair – NSW Industrial Chemistry Group


A group of 22 chemistry enthusiasts attended the Ceramisphere production facility at Mount Kuringai on Tuesday 30th March 2021 for the latest networking event and site tour organised by the NSW RACI Industrial Chemistry Group.  

Participants were treated to an overview of the unique Ceramisphere encapsulation technology by Dr Chris Barbe, CEO of Ceramisphere.  Chris gave an overview of the history of Ceramisphere, beginning in 1999 with the early research at ANSTO, to the creation of Ceramisphere P/L in 2007 as a spin-off entity to commercialise what was emerging as a breakthrough technology, through to the privatisation of Ceramisphere P/L in 2010.  Chris described the technical and commercial challenges that have been overcome in developing this technology, and outlined some of the unique characteristics of this encapsulation technology and the products and markets where the team is achieving commercial success.

The Ceramisphere team then treated everyone to a tour of the facility, where commercial quantities of the unique additives are produced every day.  Of particular interest were the displays that showcased the anti-corrosion properties of paint treated with the Ceramisphere additives – truly remarkable technology.



Thanks to everyone who attended the event, to the Industrial Chemistry Group for organizing the event, and a huge thank you to Chris and the Ceramisphere team for allowing the Industrial Chemistry Group to tour their impressive facility.  It was fantastic to see this innovation that originated in the laboratories of ANSTO being manufactured on a large scale in a commercial-scale production facility.