Meet Associate Professor Danielle Skropeta

Published 12 May 2021

Over the next couple of months we're proud to introduce you to a few of our many valued RACI members and their thoughts on being part of the RACI community. 

Meet Associate Professor Danielle Skropeta, Deputy Director, Molecular Horizons at UOW, recipient of the 2020 Margaret Sheil Leadership Award, Fellow of the RACI and RACI member since 1994. 

What does being a member of the RACI mean to you?
For me being a member of RACI means being a part of Australia’s community of chemical scientists. It is recognition of my profession as a chemist and enables me to readily connect with other chemists from industry and academia. It gives a voice to chemical scientists across the country through the various Branch/Division/Group roles – so for me it is all about belonging, community, having a voice and professional recognition.      
How has the RACI made a difference to you and your career?
I feel hugely supported by the RACI throughout my career - from my days as a PhD student reading the Chemistry in Australia magazine and learning about career opportunities. The reduced student conference registrations and travel awards also provided great support in my student days. Later, as an early career academic I was  able to network with other chemists across Australia through RACI events, as well as apply for RACI-sponsored awards and was fortunate to be awarded the Athel Beckwith Lectureship in 2009. As I progressed through my career, I had the opportunity to work on RACI committees, which is a valuable learning experience. National and local conference involvement and organisation through RACI has also played a key role in my career. Now I am at a more senior stage where I am keen to give back to my community through mentoring and advocacy roles and as the recipient of the Margaret Sheil Leadership Award in 2020.      
What would you say is best thing about being a RACI member?
Belonging to and being supported by a community of other like-minded chemical scientists and all of the networking and career opportunities offered through RACI membership, in particular RACI committee and conference involvement.     


Congratulations Danielle for being recently accepted as a STEM Ambassador for Science and Technology Australia. We wish you all the best representing the RACI. 


Renew your RACI membership before 30 June 2021 to take advantage of claiming it on your tax this year. Member renewals for 2021/22 will be open from Monday 7 June.

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