Meet Dr Yuning Hong

Published 9 June 2021

Over the next couple of months we're proud to introduce you to a few of our many valued RACI members and their thoughts on being part of the RACI community. 

Meet Dr Yuning Hong, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Chemistry and Physics, La Trobe University, 2018 RACI Rita Cornforth Lectureship Award recipient, Chair of the VIC Analytical Chemistry Group and RACI member since 2015.  

What does being a member of the RACI mean to you?
Being a member of the RACI makes me feel as part of the chemistry community in Australia. Being a RACI member means I can stay informed of new opportunities including conferences/workshops/symposiums that are organised or associated with RACI and award/prize opportunities for myself and my team members, which are very important for my career.      
How has the RACI made a difference to you and your career?
RACI has greatly extended my network in Australia. I am fortunate to receive the RACI Rita Cornforth Lectureship Award in 2018, which is a big recognition of my achievement. With the lectureship award, I had the opportunity to present and discuss my work including unpublished work to many other researchers around Australia. I have built many new connections since then and all these connections open more opportunities for me to advance my career. 
As a member, I also joined the new RACI VIC Analytical Chemistry Group as the chair committee member, in which I have the opportunity to propose and organise activities to promote early career researchers and young scientists.     
What would you say is best thing about being a RACI member?
The best thing is being able to apply or be nominated for RACI awards.  

More about Dr Yuning Hong

Dr Yuning Hong received her BSc in Applied Chemistry from Sun Yat-sen University in 2006. She then obtained her PhD in 2011 under Prof Ben Zhong Tang at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). After graduation, she moved to US to take up a postdoctoral position in Biophysical Chemistry in Prof Ekaterina V. Pletneva's group at Dartmouth College. She returned to HKUST in September 2012 as a Research Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellow of Institute for Advanced Study, before moving to The University of Melbourne as a McKenzie Fellow in May 2014. She joined La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science as a Bruce Stone Fellow since September 2016 to set up her own research group. She was recently awarded a 3-year ARC DECRA commenced in 2017. Her research is mainly focused on the development of novel luminescent materials with aggregation-induced emission feature and exploration of their applications such as recognition of important biological substances, monitoring of change processes of biomolecules, and bio-imaging.

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