Getting to know  Branch Committee Members
May 2021


 Maree Stuart
NSW Branch Committee Member/RACI Board Member

Maree has been actively involved in RACI for a long time- since 1999 when she started in the Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Group. She has had a couple of stints as a member of the NSW Branch Committee, including as Treasurer and  NSW Branch Coordinator for a short time. Now she is content to be just a Committee member and let others hold these exalted positions. But Maree enjoys helping to organise some of the events arranged by the NSW Branch and creating networking opportunities for the NSW members. For the past couple of years, Maree has also been on the RACI Board.


Maree completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Newcastle. She simultaneously completed a “Bachelor of Coffee Lounge” (but it was right next to the Godfrey Tanner Bar so that doesn’t make it seem so lame) with a friend studying a Commerce degree. Not content with one official and an unofficial degree, a few years later she completed an MBA, also with the University of Newcastle, and more recently gained a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations and a Law degree (with honours) from Macquarie University.  But she says that Chemistry remains her first love and it’s amazing how training in Analytical Chemistry can prepare you for legal reasoning.


Maree is the Director and Founder of 2 and a bit businesses- MAS Management Systems, a boutique management systems and analytical science consultancy practice; Lab Law, a niche law firm specialising in assisting organisations in the laboratory, science and technology sectors, and a soon to be launched software company. In her spare time, she enjoys watching re-runs of Black Adder, cheering on her husband in his Dungeons and Dragons efforts, and doing all that she can to annoy her long-suffering children. One day, vaccines and government restrictions permitting, she hopes she’ll be able to travel overseas to see the Norwegian Fjords and the Aurora Borealis. We can but dream!