President's Letter - March 2022

Written by  Dr Thomas Rodemann, MRACI CChem

Published 18 March 2022

Dear RACI Tasmanian Branch Members,

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2022 from the RACI TAS Branch. I hope you have had a good start to the year so far, and on behalf of the Branch committee, I would like to wish you all the best for the remainder of 2022. It has been a while since our last newsletter as we had no active committee during 2021.  Some activities, such as the titration and crystal growing competitions, still took place thanks to the volunteer organisation of some TAS Branch members who helped facilitate these events while we were in caretaker mode.

The great news though is that we have a new TAS Branch committee for 2022, so you will see some more activity and offerings for RACI members in Tasmania into the future. I am pleased to introduce the new committee, some of whom will be well known to many:

Thomas Rodemann (President)
Ashley Townsend (Secretary)
Tayla Chick (Past-President)
Renate Griffith (Treasurer)
Ryan Condie
Alison Featherstone
Brendon Gourlay
Alexandra Mole
Andrew Seen
Frances Smith
Jason Smith

I would like to thank our last Branch committee from 2020 under Past-President Tayla Chick for all their enthusiastic work and commitment, in particular Nathan Kilah, Sam Zarfos and Adrian Wolfenden, who have now stepped down from committee roles.  Thank you.

Our new committee met for the first time in February, where we planned and discussed upcoming activities for 2022. We will focus on our science outreach activities, with our crystal growing and titration competition in our Tasmanian schools. Please have a look at the details in our newsletter on how to get involved. 

In addition, we would like to foster the networking opportunities of RACI members throughout the year and the upcoming RACI Chemistry quiz night in May is a good start. We will also organise a few themed networking breakfasts or after work catch-ups for members, which we will advertise in time, so please look out for them.

Let’s hope that we are able to return to some more face-to-face activities this year in a COVID safe manner, and I look forward to meeting many members throughout the year at some of our activities.

Best wishes,

Thomas Rodemann
RACI TAS Branch President  


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