New Member Interview

Published 7 June 2021 


How did you learn about RACI?

I learned about RACI through lecturers while studying my Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at Federation University Australia.

Why did you decide to join RACI?

I decided to join as I am enthusiastic to head into further research and would like to connect with other researchers as I continue through my academic pathway.

What is your current occupation? OR What degree program are you studying?

I have almost finished my Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry, while demonstrating laboratory practical classes for first year undergraduate chemistry students.

What inspired you to get into chemistry?

Studying chemistry during secondary education and being able to learn during practical classes as you could see the theorised concepts being studied.

Do you use chemistry in your everyday life? If so, how?

Apart from being in the university laboratories, I love extracting tannins and flavonoids while making a nice cup of tea.


Do you have a favourite reagent or a reaction?

Hard to pick! My favourite reaction would have to be sodium in water. However, only in small quantities!

What do you like to do outside of chemistry?

Outside of Chemistry, I play violin in an Irish folk band, and I am a regional organiser of Swordcraft, a live-action battle game.

How can the RACI help you in your current role?

Connecting myself with like-minded, enthusiastic researchers to share and discuss research to help better the world we live in.



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