RACI NT Crystal Growing Competition 2020


To  assist  teachers  in  entering  students  in  the  Crystal  Growing  competition,  RACI NT can facilitate the supply of potash alum.  Alum is ordered in multiples of 0.5kg (half a kilo).

Alum costs 2020 (inclusive of GST and postage and handling)

0.5kg               $30.00
1.0kg               $52.00
1.5kg               $72.00
2.00kg             $92.00

For orders larger than 2.00kg simply add $20.00 for each extra 0.5kg

The alum will be sent by surface mail. Entries may be by class or group of up to four students or an individual student, but must be registered by a teacher (or parent if the entry is from a home-school).

School registration fee is $10 - Entries must arrive by Friday 25 September 2020

The registration fee may be included with your order for alum. If you do not need to order more alum you are still required to pay the registration fee to enter the competition.






2019 National Winner – Alum                           2020 National Winner – Alum
Primary Division                                                  Secondary Division


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