Titration Competition 2023- ACT

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The Titration Competition will be held on Thursday, 11 May at ANU

About the Competition

The competition is designed to encourage those students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop theory skills and to reward those who attain a high level of proficiency. Every secondary school in the ACT area has been invited to enter two teams consisting of three members each. If more than six students from a particular school are interested, it is suggested that a local competition be held to select  the best team members.The basis of the present competition is that each team member is to standardize a sodium hydroxide solution against supplied hydrochloric acid solution and then to standardize one acetic acid solution with the sodium hydroxide solution. Judging will be on the basis of the values each team member reports for the titres and concentrations of the sodium hydroxide and acetic acid solutions. Each team member will be allocated to a laboratory bench and each team member will have access to a complete set of glassware.

2023 ACT Titration Competition

The aim of the competition is to accurately determine the unknown concentration of an acid by using titration techniques. All secondary schools in the ACT are invited to participate. The competition is open to students currently enrolled in Preliminary or Higher School Certificate Chemistry or its equivalent at your institution. Students will work in groups of three.

 Where is the competition held?

The Competition will be held at ANU

What PPE or equipment do I need to bring to a venue?

Please see each individual venue's registration page for details of the PPE and equipment required or contact the RACI NSW Branch Office. Most venues also require that visiting teachers assist with the supervision of students.

How do I register?

Choose the number of teams you would like to enter in the competition, and enter your details he name of school/organisation, email address etc.The email address and name of the teacher / person entered at the start of the Online Registration process, will become the PRIMARY CONTACT for the purpose of this registration. Credit Card Payment will be required at the same time to complete the registration.

The cost of entry in the 2023 Titration Competition is:

$50 (inc GST) per team of three students

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 Competition Rules

• An institution may enter a maximum of 8 teams and may choose one venue only.
• All teams from one institution must compete at the same venue.
• All students must be trained in the correct method of titration and safe laboratory codes of conduct. Students and teachers will abide by the competition rules and the direction and decisions of the competition supervisors at all times.
• All students must present completed indemnity and media release forms to the competition supervisor at the venue on the morning of the competition. These forms indemnify the venue in the case of any misadventure during the course of the competition and allow images of competitors to be used according to strict media guidelines.
• All students must wear appropriate clothing in accordance with laboratory guidelines and the special requirements of your chosen venue which will include fully enclosed shoes and safety goggles and may include laboratory coats.
• You will have registered and made payment for team places. This must be done before the competition date (usually before the closing date for entries) and you will have received a confirmation of entry from the NSW Competition Coordinator.

How does the competition work?

The performance of a team in the Titration Competition is determined by its total score which is a sum of the scores achieved by each of the team members. The closer a team member is to determining the correct concentration the lower the score. Thus, lower scores are better.

What awards can my students win?

The following may be received from the ACT Schools Titration Competition:
• a medallion for each member of the winning team at a venue
• a certificate of Excellence for a team with a score of 100 or less
• a certificate of Merit for a team score of between 100 and 200
• a certificate of Participation for a team score greater than 200.
In addition, a team with outstanding performance may be invited to the prestigious National Titration Compete


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