NT Titration Competition 2023


The RACI runs two titration competitions:

  • Regional Titration Competitions for high school students, which feed into the Australian National Titration Competition and
  • National Titration Challenge which is for teachers, science technicians and all those involved in the secondary or tertiary teaching of chemistry to students.

This website contains information on the NT Regional Titration Competition.


About the Competition


Schools are invited to enter teams from Grades 11 and 12 in the NT Titration Competition.

The aim of the competition is to encourage students who enjoy Chemistry - especially practical Chemistry - and to recognise proficiency.  Leading teams in the NT Competition are eligible to enter the Finals of the National Competition, to be held during term 3 at CDU at a date and time to be confirmed.

Preliminary comp: $TBA /team and $TBA postage /school if posting requested (else schools will pick up the chemicals from CDU on the set date and time)

Due date for schools to enter teams (by emailing the entry form to coordinator) - date to be confirmed

Entry form for the 2023 NT Titration Competition can be downloaded here when available

Schools to collect samples from CDU (Yellow 2 chem labs) -date and time to be confirmed

Preliminary competition results to be emailed to the coordinator - no later than 5pm date to be confirmed

For all teams competing in the NT competition, the analysis to be conducted is as follows:

"The analysis to be conducted involves preparation of a standard solution of potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) (provided), standardisation of a solution of NaOH, and titration of a second sample of KHP. Judging is on the basis of the values reported for the amount of KHP in the Unknown Sample."

There are Titration training videos available on the RACI Titration homepage.