Australian National Titration Competition - South Australian section 


The RACI Chemical Analysis competition is available in each state and territory of Australia. Each state runs the stages prior to the national level competition in slightly different ways.

In South Australia there are usually 3 phases– firstly a school phase which runs in schools during term 2, and successful teams from this phase are invited to compete in the State final in August (early term 3) and possibly the National final (later term 3). The national stage involves teams competing against each other while remaining in their own states.

However a state final will not take place this year and the date and venue for the national final component in SA is yet unable to be determined because of COVID restrictions that may be still in place in Aug/Sept. Further details to those who need to know closer to dates.

Samples prepared centrally are analysed by these teams at their venues. All participants that reach the National final receive a gold or silver badge, and have the opportunity to be involved in an Excellent or Highly commended team for which the school receives a plaque and individuals receive a certificate (from the National coordinator).

To become involved in the SA competition, teachers will need to talk with their year 12 (and year 11) Chemistry students to see if they wish to form teams of three to participate in the competition. The teacher or lab manager should oversee the school phase.

Once the number of teams is known, contact Ian McMahon via email or SMS (0402775517) to register the school’s interest. This notification should occur by the beginning of May each year.

School managers, after requesting samples for a specific number of teams, must also register that same number with the RACI National Office by registering at the link below.

A set of oxalic acid samples both standard and unknown will be prepared and sent by post to the school along with an invoice – the cost will be a flat $8 per team. Below are instructions for teachers/lab managers for the school phase competition, and also a set of instructions for participating students. Payments are online only. registering your number of teams will generate an invoice which can be paid immediately BUT much more likely the school manager will request delayed payment and deal with the science coordinator and / or school financial officer for that payment to occur in a timely fashion. (Note: $8 fee unchanged for 8 years). The SA Coordinator has no involvement in the payment system but can give advice.

In the past, paper results have been sent by post. This is now costly. Our recommendation is for the scanning of a team's results - using the 2 sides for 1 page facility (reducing to A5) which reduces file sizes - is quite acceptable, and sending the file(s) to Ian McMahon

Please click here to register for the SA Titration Competition

SA Titration Competition downloads 

Team Cover Sheet - School Phase
Individual Result Sheet - School Phase
School Phase Certificate
Instructions For 2020
General Instructions For Teachers/Managers