Health Safety & Environment

This Division provides opportunities for RACI members and professionals with interests in health, safety and environmental issues relating to chemicals to develop their knowledge and skills, and to contribute positively to the development and standing of the chemical profession as a whole.

Our Purpose

We created the Health Safety & Environment Division (HS&E) to:

  • Provide professional development activities in relation to HS&E pertaining to chemicals, industry, laboratories, schools, etc, for members.
  • Work together with industry, academia and the government sector for contributions to the Division’s specialist knowledge.
  • Contribute to legislation reviews pertaining to HS&E legislation relating to chemicals and the chemical industry.
  • Contribute to Standards Australia relevant to the interests of the Division and the RACI.
  • Establish connections and prominence as peak qualified experts recognised by regulatory authorities managing such issues relating to Hazardous Chemicals (Dangerous Foods and Hazardous Substances), Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals, Chemicals of Concern, Domestic Use Chemical Issues, etc.).
  • Assist the Board in formulation of press releases in relation to Australian HS&E incidents and issues to educate the public on HS&E issues and good practices.
  • Contribute to keeping RACI members informed about HS&E updates relating to chemicals and the chemical industry.

The HS&E Division is strongly committed to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion.

Regular Events

Our HS&E Division is active in holding regular events. Highlights include:

  • A regular national conference every 18-24 months where the latest academic research and commercial sector innovations are presented.

Divisional Committee


Dr Brian Krieger

Co-Chair Dr Andrew Shepherd
Acting Secretary Ms Lisa Stevens
Treasurer Adrian Thomas
Committee member Mr Peter Aspinall
Dr Jeff Davis
Dr Chris Embery
Dr Neale Jackson
Ms Dilara Kaymakci
Dr Brian Krieger
Mr Mark Rawlings
Mr Robert Ryan
Mr Jeff Simpson
Dr Giulia Oss
Mr Adrian Thomas
Dr Richard Thwaites
Student representative Mr Russell Jack
Mr Liam Pascoe
Ms Lisa Stevens

Health Safety & Environment Division Awards

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If you would like more information on our Health Safety & Environment Chemistry Division, or how to become involved, please contact us below.

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