RACI offers you a range of career development opportunities

Whether you're a student about to embark on a career in chemical sciences, or an experienced professional looking to advance your skills, we're here to help.  

University Course Accreditation

The RACI provides an accreditation program to ensure university degree courses meet the threshold learning and teaching outcomes, which is the minimum set of knowledge, skills and/or competencies a person has acquired and is able to demonstrate after completion of a learning process. In the Australian qualifications framework (AQF) these are expressed in terms of knowledge, skills and application. 

This provides an excellent resource for students starting on their career journey and choosing their university.

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Career Development Program

As an RACI member you have access to a broad range of  career development initiatives. This covers everything from webinars, videoconferences and podcasts; through to lectures, workshops, useful resources and online learning.

You also benefit from extensive networking opportunities and professional introductions to help expand your connections and career prospects. 

And all of this is free as an RACI Member.

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Mentoring Program

For students and young chemists, we also offer a Mentoring Program which provides invaluable one-on-one mentoring designed to guide and prepare you for a career in chemical sciences. In fact in recent years, 80% of participants have found a job within one month of graduation.

The Mentoring Program costs $150 to join, which is fully refundable based on 100% participation. 

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