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For over 100 years the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) has been the voice of chemistry in Australia. As the professional body for chemical sciences, we exist to support the needs, education and interests of our members. We also play a leading role in promoting the science, practice and positive impact of chemistry to the public, educational sector, industry and government.


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You're the voice

Dec 10, 2020 Our new RACI President, Prof Steven Bottle, shares his thoughts on the future of the RACI.

Science possibly saved my life

Dec 10, 2020 Dr. John Edward O'Hagan celebrated his 100th birthday & the QLD ECCG were able to catch up with him.

2020 National Mentoring Day

Oct 27, 2020 In celebration of 2020 National Mentoring Day, Shiying Zhu talks about his experience as a mentee.

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