Volunteering stands as a transformative avenue for both personal and career development. Beyond the altruistic act of giving back, volunteering offers a unique platform to acquire practical skills, expand professional networks, and gain hands-on experience. 

For those in the early stages of their career, it provides a valuable opportunity to enhance their skill set and build connections within their chosen field. Additionally, volunteering fosters personal growth by exposing individuals to diverse challenges, refining leadership skills, and fostering a sense of community and purpose. For seasoned professionals, it offers a meaningful way to share expertise, mentor emerging talents, and maintain relevance in the ever-evolving professional landscape. In essence, volunteering becomes a reciprocal journey, enriching both the individual and the communities they serve.

How can the RACI help me find volunteer opportunities

Opportunities at the RACI 

Volunteering is integral to the RACI identity, offering diverse roles from division management committees to event coordination. To stay abreast of these opportunities follow our social media channels. Members also receive updates via our My RACI community platform.

Opportunities outside the RACI 

As a leading organisation within the global science ecosystem, we are frequently sought for expert insights, whether shaping industry standards or offering feedback on skills assessments. Stay tuned to our social media for details. Members also receive updates via our My RACI community platform.

Experts directory

Launching soon: an experts directory within our My RACI online community, enabling members to register their expertise. Be ready to be directly approached for exciting opportunities in your field.

Apply to become a volunteer with RACI

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