Branch Awards




At RACI, celebrating our members' strides in advancing the chemical enterprise and fostering positive impacts in organisations, communities, and society is among our most crucial and fulfilling roles.

Embracing diversity stands as a fundamental value at RACI.

We actively encourage individuals from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds to either apply for or be nominated for all RACI awards.

New South Wales

Archibald D Ollé Prize

Presidents Award

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Western Australia

W. E. Ewers Citation Award

A. McA. Batty Medal

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Technician of the Year - School, University or Industry

Chemistry Mentor of the Year

Chemistry Supervisor of the Year (Early/Mid-Career)

Chemistry Supervisor of the Year (Established)

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We encourage you to apply, nominate, and share this information with individuals whom you believe deserve recognition.

Please keep in mind that nominations should align with the principles outlined in the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and our award adjudicators will assess a diverse array of output measurements.

For awards that establish career timeframes as criteria, we will utilize the ARC’s Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence parameters [ROPE] to evaluate any career interruptions encountered, including those stemming from Covid regulations.

Please refer to the specific Branch Award pages for their Award open and close dates and for information on who to contact for award submissions/nominations.

Discover More Awards

Our branch awards honour and support the efforts and achievements of our members across every State and Territory.

At a Divisional level, we recognise and commend the contributions and achievements of our members within each RACI Division.