School Competitions & Initiatives

Discover the thrill of our school competitions, shaping the future of chemistry. Crafted by chemistry and education experts, these challenges offer students a unique platform to showcase their passion. From international to local competitions, we strive to nurture talent. Teachers, our competitions provide an exciting resource and by enrolling students you help unlock educational benefits, enhancing understanding and critical thinking. 

Parents and students, express interest to schools for an enriching experience and unique opportunities. Beyond assessments, these competitions inspire lifelong learning, confidence, and align with curriculum standards.

Join us in nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders, exploring the captivating world of chemistry with curiosity and excellence.

Please note that in 2024 we will not be running any national rounds for the Crystal Growing Competition, Titration Competition, Titration Teacher Challenge. 

Featured Competition

International Chemistry Quiz 

Seize the chance to be part of a distinctive chemistry educational quiz, joining over 100,000 students from more than 21 countries.

Secondary school students (ages 12-18) can enjoy a fun-filled opportunity to test their chemistry knowledge. This quiz serves as a valuable tool for teachers to assess their students' understanding of the subject. The quiz comprises 30 multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 60 minutes, available in both paper format and online. Don't miss out on this engaging and educational experience!

Find out more about the International Chemistry Quiz

Discover Our Educational Offerings

Discover the abundance of benefits at RACI, where students and teachers can unlock a world of opportunities through school affiliate memberships, offering discounts on individual member fees and competitions, coupled with a rich trove of invaluable teacher and student resources.

Titration Competition

Curious about titration experiments and ready to dive into the fascinating world of acid-base analysis? The Titration Competition invites teams in years 11 & 12, in Australia, to unravel the mysteries of determining the unknown concentration of weak acids in a given solution. Whether it's ethanoic acid, oxalic acid, or potassium hydrogen phthalate, each team member embarks on two sets of acid-base titrations, bringing chemistry to life. Registration is essential!

Crystal Growing Competition

Searching for an exciting and educational adventure in chemistry for your primary and secondary school students? Look no further - dive into the world of crystals with the RACI Crystal Growing Competition! Open to students in Australia only. Registration is essential!

Chemistry and Art Competition

At the core of all life and matter lies chemistry - the fundamental science that shapes our world. Ever wondered what children think about chemists, the chemical sciences, and the industries driven by chemistry? Now, they have a unique opportunity to creatively express their ideas, limited only by the bounds of their imagination! Open to students in Australia only. 

National Lecture Series

Across Australia, we facilitate access to captivating chemical scientists through our National Youth Lecture series. Delivered to secondary students every year, these lectures explore a wide array of fascinating topics, all with the goal of inspiring students towards a rewarding career in Chemistry.

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