University Course Accreditation

About RACI Accreditation:

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) collaborates with higher education institutions to elevate the quality and professionalism of their chemical science programs. This partnership is designed to guarantee that students emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as practicing chemists.

RACI Accreditation Standards:

The RACI accreditation process is based upon the threshold learning and teaching outcomes standards statements for chemistry. These standards have been meticulously crafted and are aligned with the Australian Learning & Teaching Council's published Learning & Teaching Academic Standards Statement for Science.


Chemistry Academic Standards Statement

Why Accredit?

Advantage of accreditation

The RACI accreditation process is aligned with TESQA standards. The TESQA standards method provides an avenue of bench marking against other universities.

Degree programs are being reviewed by external experts who can give un-biased feedback. Feedback is provided on the structure of the program, how it meets the minimum threshold targets and where improvements can be made.

The accreditation cycle measures how the programs are improving over time. RACI accreditation guides chemistry educators on the learning outcomes to be attained. If a student is transferring from an institution that runs an RACI accredited course, both students and teaching staff can have confidence in the educational achievements of students. 

Universities can use accreditations to seek increased funding enabling them to deliver better teaching and learning outcomes.

Accreditation Process

Step 1: Nomination. Complete the Pre-Accreditation Nomination Form to start the process.

Step 2: Confirm Visit. Select suitable dates for the visit and we will confirm with our assessors.

Step 3: Pre-accreditation Surveys. Fill out tailored surveys about your degree programs.

Step 4: Site Visit. Plan a 2-3 day visit for meetings and assessments.

Step 5: Reporting. Receive feedback and a comprehensive report after the visit.

Step 6: Approval. The Board reviews and notifies you of accreditation status.

Our Accreditation Team is dedicated to providing assistance every step of the way. We're here to ensure your accreditation process is smooth and successful.

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RACI Accredited Courses

University of New England

  • Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Double Major in Chemistry)

    University of New South Wales

    • Bachelor of Science
    • Bachelor of Advanced Science Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry

      Macquarie University

      • Bachelor of Science with a Major in Chemistry 
      • Bachelor of Medical Science with a Major in Medicinal Chemistry 
      Charles Sturt University
      • Bachelor of Medical Science with a Major in Medicinal Chemistry 

      Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
      • Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry)
      • Bachelor of Science (Dean’s Scholar) (Honours) (Chemistry)
      • Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry) / Bachelor of Business (Management)
      • Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry) / Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Honours)
        La Trobe University
        • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) (Bundoora Campus)
        Deakin University
        • Bachelor of Science (major in Chemistry)
        • Bachelor of Forensic Science (major in Forensic Chemistry)
           Monash University
          • Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Chemistry)
          • Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Chemistry)
          • Bachelor of Science (Scholar Program)
          • Bachelor of Biotechnology (Chemical Biotechnology Stream)

            Griffith University
            • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree – Nathan Campus
            • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree – Gold Coast Campus
            • Bachelor of Biomolecular Science (Medicinal Chemistry) – Nathan Campus
            • Bachelor of Forensic Science (Chemical) – Nathan Campus
              James Cook University
              • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry major) 
              • Bachelor of Advanced Science Hons (Chemistry)
                Queensland University of Technology
                • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Majoring in Chemistry
                • Bachelor of Science (extended major in Chemistry)
                • Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons) (Advanced major in Chemistry)
                   University of Queensland
                  • Bachelor of Science (major in chemistry)
                  • Bachelor of Science (extended major in chemistry)
                  • Bachelor of Advanced Science (hons) (advanced major in chemistry)
                  • Bachelor of Biotechnology (hons) (extended major in chemical and nanobiotechnology)

                  Curtin University
                  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree
                  • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) degree 
                  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)/Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) double degree
                    University of Western Australia
                    • Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Chemistry 

                    University of Tasmania
                    • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Major)

                    Flinders University
                    • Bachelor of Science (Chemical Sciences)
                    • Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology) - Biomedial Nanotechnology or Quantum Nanostructure Streams
                    • Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science)
                      University of Adelaide
                      • Bachelor of Science
                      • Bachelor of Science (Double major)
                      • Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
                      • Bachelor of Science (Advanced (Double Degree)
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