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This section aims to assist the public by providing general information about RACI.

For additional Q&As specifically for members, visit our Member FAQs page here.

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By joining you become a member of Australia’s largest community for chemistry professionals and enthusiasts. In addition, you receive special rates for events, networking opportunities, complimentary digital magazine, access to career development programs, and more. Please refer to the Membership page for further details. 

Membership fees vary by type. Most fees are listed in our membership document. For selected membership types, concessional rates are available upon application. Please refer to this Membership Fee document for specific fee information.

  1. Click on the Log in link on the RACI website.
  2. In the right-hand panel, below the username and password sign-in area, click on the "forgotten password" link.
  3. Enter your username, which is the email address where you receive RACI emails, and click "submit."
  4. If the username is associated with a valid email address, you'll receive an email from RACI with instructions for resetting your password.
  5. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder.
  6. In the email, click on the "go to the password reset page" link.
  7. On the password reset page, enter and confirm your new password, then click "submit."
  8. You can now sign in using your new password.

RACI offers several membership types for Individuals and Organisations.

Individual Members

  • Student: designed for undergraduate, honours, masters students studying a chemistry related qualification. 
  • Post Graduate Student: designed for PhD students studying a chemistry related qualification.
  • Early Career Chemist: designed for individuals who have completed their studies and are in the first three years of their career.
  • Member: designed for experienced individuals who have embarked on their career. 
  • Fellow: designed for experienced individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of chemistry. 
  • Associate Membership: designed for those with an interest in chemical sciences but do not meet the admission criteria for the above categories. 
  • Honorary Life Member: granted to individuals who have been a continuous member of the RACI for 50 years. 


  • Industry & Government Affiliate: designed for companies and government entities with an interest in the chemical sciences. 
  • University Affiliate: designed for universities that offer chemistry education or have an interest in the chemical sciences.
  • School Affiliate: designed for primary and secondary schools. 

Under the RACI By-laws, membership is defined into Associate and Full categories. Associate categories do not have voting rights with this right being reserved for those that fall within the Full category. 

Full category membership includes the following member types: 

  • Post Graduate Student
  • Early Career Chemist 
  • Member inc. Chartered
  • Fellow inc. Chartered

Associate category membership includes the following member types: 

  • Associate (Individuals that do not meet the criteria for Full Membership)
  • Student 
  • Industry Affiliate
  • Government Affiliate
  • School Affiliate
  • University Affiliate 

Full Membership has two grades: Member and Fellow. The criteria for each include academic qualifications, professional experience, and contributions to the field of chemistry.

To attain Chartered Chemist status, one must hold a PhD or a degree in chemical science, or demonstrate significant professional experience in the field. The Board evaluates each case individually.

Yes, Full Members may receive concessional status if they are unemployed or retired. Concessional status is valid for twelve months, and members seeking reduced subscription rates must substantiate their claim.

The Board may grant Honorary Life Membership to long-serving full Members who have been part of RACI for fifty continuous years. Honorary Life Members retain all rights and privileges of continuing full Membership without paying subscriptions.

Individuals expressing an interest in chemical sciences, those working in a chemical-related environment, and those ineligible for full RACI Membership can apply. However, no person can remain an Associate Member for more than six months if they become eligible for full Membership.

Yes. New members status becomes 'active pending approval', making members eligible for discounted event rates until the membership is approved by the Board.

Membership becomes active pending approval by the Board, usually there is a wait time of a month. Members receive a welcome letter and a member certificate instead of a physical card.

The RACI is Australia's awarding body for the prestigious, and globally recognised 'Chartered Chemist' postnominal. When you join the RACI you have an opportunity to be professionally recognised for your knowledge and experience in the chemical sciences, enhancing career prospects and credibility within academia, government, and industry. members who go on to be recognised attain the postnominal CChem (Chartered Chemist), and those who go further achieving eminence in the chemical sciences are recognised Fellows. 

Citizenship and country of residence is not a criterion for membership, but individuals must hold a qualification from an Australian university or an equivalent international qualification from a recognised higher education institution.


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Thank you for taking the time to help us improve, hearing from you is valuable so we can improve our experiences for you. If you have a compliment or you are not satisfied with your experience with us, you can let us know by using the Contact Us form, or via email to info@raci.org.au. We’ll pass on your feedback to the team involved and use it to improve your experience. If you would like a response, please let us know in your message and we’ll get back to you within five working days. 

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