Lidia Matesic

About Lidia 


I am a radiochemist at ANSTO specialising in assisting industry or academic collaborators complete radiochemistry-related projects, including those undertaken by postgraduate students. we work on projects that focus on the development of new radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as neurological disorders and cancer.

  • I became a member of RACI in 2007 after completing my Bachelor’s degree. More recently I have contributed to the NSW Branch, as a Committee member (2012-2016) and Treasurer (2016-2020). I am also associated with the Radiochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology Divisions.
  • Since completing my PhD, I have worked as a radiochemist at ANSTO and am interested in further strengthening research linkages between the government, industry and academic sectors.
  • I’m passionate about communicating chemistry to a wide audience and have participated in numerous outreach events including being the Nyholm Youth Lecturer, partaking in Careers Panels for University students and attending University Open days on behalf of the RACI. Currently I also co-administer the NSW Twitter account.


RACI Direction as I see it

  • The RACI needs to identify additional funding sources to continue being a sustainable organisation in the future. Partnerships with large corporations and a more established (social) media presence would amplify its prestige and further reinforce that the RACI is the premier society for Australian chemists.
  • In 2020, we saw the rise of webinars and other online events as an alternative to face-to-face functions. The RACI should keep this momentum going as it appeals to a diverse audience and is beneficial to our members in regional areas who may find it difficult to attend events in person. Additionally, expanding online professional development to include training courses would attract and retain members and provide a supplementary source of income.
  • Due to the enormous success of the Mentoring Programme for University students in NSW, the Programme now operates at a national level. In 2021, the Programme will be further expanded to include early career chemists. I would like to see the Programme go one step further and offer mentoring/coaching for mid-career chemists who would benefit from the wisdom of RACI’s many senior members.


Lidia Matsic