Masson Memorial Scholarship Prize

Established as a memorial to the late Sir David Orme Masson, Founder of the RACI,
the scholarship open to RACI members who are eligible to proceed for a year's study of Chemistry at BSc Honours level.

This Award has been established as a memorial to the late Sir David Orme Masson, Founder of the RACI.
The winner will receive a Memorial Medal, together with a copy of Len Weickhardt's book, "Masson of Melbourne - The life and times of David Orme Masson" and $500 paid in 2 equal instalments, the first at the time of the award, the second, at the successful completion of the year of study.
The award is open to any financial member of the RACI or to any financial student of the RACI, who has attained the academic qualification of BSc or its equivalent, and who is eligible to proceed for a further year's study of Chemistry at BSc Honours level, either at a university or other approved institution in Australia.
The Award will, therefore, be open to financial members (minimum 12 months) wishing to proceed to BSc Honours or the fourth year of a BSc Honours course or the first postgraduate year following 4-year courses such as BAppSc, BSc (Industrial Chemistry), BSc (Chemical Engineering) or BE (Chemical Engineering) or their equivalent, at their own or any other approved institution. The intended study is to be in the field of Chemistry.


Nominations open 1 April and close mid June each year. The nomination document requirement is a current CV, a summary/synopsis of research papers and four referee email and telephone contacts.

The application/nomination submission should include:

  • Academic qualifications and where obtained, full list of subjects passed and standard attained, prizes honours or other awards. The detailed statement must be certified as accurate by a responsible officer of the institution at which they were obtained. Include any special circumstances and a description of other activities which appear relevant.
  • Email and telephone contact details of no more than 4 referees (referees personally acquainted with applicant’s academic experience and present standing).
  • Courses of study proposed and university, college or institute at which it is desired to study.


The decision of the judges will be subject to the approval of the RACI Board. The Board decision is final and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into. 


Laura Wait
Hayden Robertson
Angus Olding
Liam Burt
J Robertson
J Yeo




Laura Wait