Welcome to our new SA members

Published 5 April 2022 

We would like to welcome the following new members this month: Hannah Bakurski, Ming Kuan Ho, River Pachulicz, Ming San Phong and Huayang Zhang. 


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Hannah Bakurski
Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry) at Flinders University

I'm studying a Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science), specialising in Analytical Chemistry, so I thought I would explore RACI and become familiar with the institution. In second year we have to choose either a chemistry or biology stream. Despite the first few years of the degree being my first time studying chemistry, I found that it made more sense to me than biology- it's like another language. I have discovered that I love spectrophotometry. The link between light and radiation on different reagents is baffling and incredible to witness. Also great to determine concentrations which is the bulk of my degree! I would love to get to know people within the industry. I have found that most of the subjects I do, my degree is the minority within the cohort so there are only a handful of people I can talk to.



Ming Kuan Ho
Key Account Manager, Solenis Australia

I was inspired to get into Chemistry as I enjoyed lab work. My favourite reagent is Sodium Hydroxide. I'm hoping the RACI can help with me with recognition in my current role.


River Pachulicz
PhD Student in Chemistry at The University of Adelaide

I first encountered RACI in high school when I won a science award that was sponsored by RACI. Throughout my bachelor's degree I attended numerous events held by the RACI which I enjoyed and found useful. I joined RACI so that I could have greater access to events happening around Adelaide and to make connections with other chemistry enthusiasts in similar fields. 

I enjoy the colour changing properties of anthocyanins, making them go from bright red to bright blue if you increase the pH. Outside of Chemistry I do a lot of art (photoshop, procreate, watercolors, collaging), rocklimbing, rogaining, listening to Hiatus Kaiyote and playing videogames. The RACI can help me by keeping me up to date with any events or opportunities on offer in my area.


Ming San Phong
PG student, PhD in Analytical Chemistry at UniSA

I learnt about the RACI from my role as a Associate Member of Malaysian Institute of Chemistry. I was always interested in science and was inspired to choose Chemistry. Outside of Chemistry, I like to teach Chemistry! 

The RACI can help me with career development and networking opportunities. I would like the opportunity to be a part of Chemist communities. 


Huayang Zhang
Research Fellow, The University Of Adelaide

I was inspired to get into Chemistry by sustainable energy development. My favourite reaction is water splitting. I decided to join the RACI to liaise with other chemists in Australia. The RACI can help me in my current role by providing a better platform for different chemists to communicate directly.