Queensland Regional Crystal Growing Competition 2021


The Crystal Growing Competition returns to Term 2 in 2021. We encourage any school student (Prep to Grade 12) in Qld to enter.

Entries are accepted through schools, science clubs, distance education, home schooling, groups of friends, or individuals with an interest in science. The crystal grower must be supervised by an adult aged 18 or over who will register their entry or entries into the competition.

Entrants can submit as many or as few crystals as they choose. The top crystals in each Division and Category for the Qld Regional Competition will be eligible to be entered for the National Finals.


About the Competition


Have your students ever tried to grow crystals?

Here is an opportunity for students to take part in a national scientific competition. Crystals are everywhere, just think of our daily lives. Sugar, salt, diamonds and emeralds are crystals and LCD computer and television screens work because of the many tiny crystals inside. Where else can you find crystals? How about your classroom? Enter this Competition to create your own crystals within six weeks and have a chance to have these crystals judged and entered into a National Competition organised by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

The process is safe and simple, and is designed to encourage students to develop an interest in Chemistry from a young age. Students can participate as individuals or with a friend, small groups or class groups. The competition is open to all students from Prep to Grade 12, in different categories. The competition is different for different age groups, with simple activities for early primary school involving easy to grow crystals with safe to handle substances and becoming more challenging. For examples, students in Grades 11 & 12 are invited to demonstrate their broader knowledge and grow more complex crystals, from any substance that can be safely sent through the mail.

During the project, the students are encouraged to observe the process and write observations. They can submit a written report up to one (1) page long with each crystal for judging; however, crystals are primarily judged on shape, clarity and size. Prizes are allocated for each category of crystals. The winning crystal in each category wins both a trophy for the school and a prize. All students who enter the competition receive a certificate.


How do you enter?

The student(s) grow the crystals during School Term 2. Alum can be purchased from RACI here or your own chemicals can be used. Crystals can be grown using alum or other chemicals such as copper sulphate.

Crystals can be grown in the classroom, as part of a science club, or at home individually or with a group of friends.

If any student/s tried to grow crystals but was not successful please let us know as we can award them a participation certificate for their efforts.

You do not need to register until you have grown your crystals.

Entry costs $5.50 per crystal.

Enter the competition here.

The student details form must be completed and returned to [email protected].

Please send crystals to RACI QLD, PO Box 406, Everton Park, QLD 4053. Crystals can be packaged in individual small sandwich bags protected using cotton wool or other soft materials and put into a padded mailer or box. RACI takes no responsibility for crystals lost or damaged in the post. If you want the crystals returned please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

If you have students who have participated in the competition but have grown crystals that have not been entered into the competition please provide their details and a certificate of Participation will be issued to them.

Crystals are grown during Term 2 and registrations should take place before Friday 25 June 2021. Crystals will be accepted up until Wednesday 14 July 2021 to take into account any postal delay. The Qld competition will be judged during Week 2 of Term 3, 2021 and the results sent to schools by the end of July 2021.

Winners in the Qld state competition will then go forward to the National Crystal Growing Competition. National Judging will be held in Science Week, 14-22 August 2021.