Supramolecular Chemistry National Group

The Supramolecular Chemistry group was established in 2019 to support RACI members working in this relatively young discipline area. Supramolecular chemistry has been defined by Chemistry Nobel prize winner Jean-Marie Lehn as ‘chemistry beyond the molecule’ and encompasses elements of all of the sub-disciplines of chemistry from synthesis to analysis.


Our purpose


The Supramolecular Chemistry group aims to support all members by:

  • Providing networking opportunities for all chemists working in this field
  • Disseminating key research findings in the field by hosting symposia and conferences
  • Encouraging students to work in the field of supramolecular chemistry
  • Providing a ‘home’ for supramolecular chemists who don’t always feel they belong to the established Divisions of the RACI



Regular Events 


Annual one-day student-focused symposium on supramolecular chemistry The group will hold national conferences approximately every 24 months




The RACI Supramolecular Chemistry Award

Awarded annually by The RACI Supramolecular Group for :- 

Outstanding early career research in supramolecular chemistry

The candidate is required to be a current member (for a minimum of 3 years) with less than 10 years professional experience relative to opportunity since completing their PhD, or equivalent. Career breaks and periods of less than part-time employment will be recognised and should be clearly outlined in a cover letter.

Nominations can be submitted by any RACI member including the nominee (self-nomination). The nominations will require:

  • a current CV (max 5 pages) including a list of the 10 most relevant publications or other outputs and
  • a synopsis of independent research work conducted while a member of the RACI and since the completion of the PhD thesis which has contributed significantly towards the development of an area of supramolecular chemistry (max 2 pages) !

Nominations open 1/12/21


Please note that nominations should obey the spirit of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) [view here] and that the award adjudicators will consider a wide range of output measurements.

Please email in a single PDF document to: [email protected] for the attention of Prof. Kate Jolliffe, Chair – RACI Supramolecular Group no later than 31 January, 2022.

After the closing date, no further nominations for the award will be accepted. The RACI Supramolecular Chemistry Group reserves the right to not award the RACI Supramolecular Chemistry Award if no nominations from a candidate who has sufficient merit are received.

Down load award criteria HERE

Supramolecular Committee

Position Name
Chair - Kate Jolliffe
Chair Elect - Jack Clegg
Treasurer - Pall Thordarson
Secretary - Fred Pfeffer
Committee Member - Dr Kellie Tuck
Student Representative - Dr Nikki Tzioumis
ECR Representative - Dr Nicholas White


Become involved


If you would like more information on our Supramolecular Group or how to become involved please contact us

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