Governance & Policies

At RACI we pride ourselves on our open and transparent governance. That's why we have put in place a stringent set of policies and systems to guide our operations and to hold those in control to account.

The key components of RACI’s corporate governance framework are explained in the following list of company policies and statements


Governance Documents

To operate effectively and with accountability, and to ensure member value is maximised and protected, the RACI Board is responsible for adhering to a stringent corporate governance structure as set out in the following documents.

Financial reports and AGM minutes

In the spirit of transparency we welcome you to view the financial results and minutes from the RACI's general meetings over the past five years.

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General Meetings


The Board members are elected by the membership and are answerable to that membership at General meetings.

Annual general meetings.

  • These are annual forums where election results are announced, new committee members take up their positions and those leaving officially resign. It is where the elected committee report to their constituents on what has occurred over the past period and how they performed against budget and plan also to present what the plans are for the coming year.

Special general meetings.

  • These are meetings that can be called to discuss critical issues that can't be sidelined until an AGM. They can be called by the Board or a group of constituents. This is an avenue where the members of the RACI can hold the committee to account.

A General Meeting of the RACI shall mean a meeting to which all Members are duly summoned.

For all types of General Meetings the Board shall, not less than twenty-one (21) days before a General Meeting, send to Members by means of the communication methodology selected by the Member in the Register of Members, notice mentioning the day, place and hour of meeting and the business to be transacted. The non-receipt of the notice by any Member or the accidental omission to give notice to any Member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.

An official publication of the RACI, in which is published notice of a General Meeting, sent to a Member of the RACI shall meet the requirements of this paragraph provided that the publication in the normal course of events can be expected to be seen by the Member at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of the General Meeting.

Board Elections

The Board Elections is your chance to have your say in who will be the best people to add value to your Institute and take the RACI in the direction you believe it should go.

There are 3  positions up for elections each year either 

  • President Elect, Treasurer and 1 Board member or
  • General Secretary and 2 Board members

The all positions are for 2 years except the President Elect position that is essentially for 4 years with the President Elect becoming the President after 2 years for an additional 2 year term.

The elected Board members will begin their terms at the AGM normally scheduled for the end of November each year.

The election process follows the timetable:-

  • Nominations are called for in June with a closing date end August
  • Nominees are asked for election manifestos that are made available to the voting membership
  • Elections Occur during the first week in October via an electronic voting system
  • Results are made known in the third week in October.

Only PG students, MRACI, FRACI and CChems members who have paid their membership fees are eligible to either nominate for Board positions or can vote in the election process.