Crystal Growing Competition

Looking for a fun and educational learning opportunity for primary and secondary school students interested in chemistry? Why not take part in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition!

Our Crystal Growing Competition is a great way to have fun with science, and take part in simple chemical experiments. The process is safe and simple, and is designed to encourage students to develop an interest in Chemistry from a young age. Students can participate as individuals, in small groups or class groups.

How does the Competition work?

Change of closing date: All state competitions close on 26 August 2022 (Northern Territory will close 5 September 2022).

  • Who can enter?
    Entry is open to all students Prep/Foundation - Year 12. We encourage all students to enter and have made the competition accessible to those students studying remotely. Entries are accepted through schools, science clubs, distance education, home schooling, groups of friends, or individuals with an interest in science. The crystal grower must be supervised by an adult aged 18 or over who will register their entry or entries into the competition.
  • Entrants can submit as many or as few crystals as they choose. The top crystals in each Division and Category in each state will be eligible to be entered for the National Finals.
  • Prizes. All students will receive an official digital RACI Crystal Growing Competition certificate of participation. All national level winners receive a RACI Crystal Growing Competition trophy for their school. 

2022 Crystal Growing Competition

Submit your crystals by 26 August 2022. 

Purchase your Crystal Growing Kit - Now Closed for 2022

We've made it easy to enter the Crystal Growing Competition by offering three different sizes of crystal growing kits. Each kit contains Alum (Aluminium Potassium Sulfate Dodecahydrate), A3 poster/s, 'How to grow crystals' Factsheet/s, filter papers and icypole sticks.

  • Large: The large kit can make 10 large crystals and includes up to 10 crystals entered in the competition.
  • Medium: The medium kit can make 5 large crystals and includes up to 5 crystals entered in the competition.
  • Single: The single kit can make 1 large crystal and includes 1 crystal entry in the competition.

If you're a school that likes to purchase your own Alum, we've got an entry option for you too. 

 Entries Closed - Judging will commence Monday 29th August 2022. 

What's in the Crystal Growing Kit?

Submit your Crystals to your state contact 

Closing date for entries is 26 August 2022 (Northern Territory will close on 5 September 2022).

Separate arrangements may also be in place for SA*

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2021 National Competition winners

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2021 National Crystal Growing Competition. We're very excited to announce our national 2021 Crystal Growing winners:

Category Name  School 
 Open Primary   Jeremy  Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School, NSW 
 Alum Primary  Kellen, Jayden, Orlando     St Philip's Christian College, NSW
 Open Secondary     Clea, Isabelle  St Philip's Christian College, NSW
 Alum Secondary  Lucas  Wollemi College, NSW


Helpful tools and videos


How to Grow a Large, Single Crystal #1 (Seed Crystal)

How to Grow a Large, Single Crystal # 2 (Crystal from Seed)

State Crystal Growing Competition Judging - ACT 2020