Crystal Growing Competition

Looking for a fun and educational learning opportunity for primary and secondary school students interested in chemistry? Why not take part in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition!

Our Crystal Growing Competition is a great way to have fun with science, and take part in simple chemical experiments. The process is safe and simple, and is designed to encourage students to develop an interest in Chemistry from a young age. Students can participate as individuals, in small groups or class groups.

How does the Competition work?

This year, the Crystal Growing Competition will be facilitated by the Branches. Please refer to the list below of participating states and their relevant contact person and registration links. Please note that there will not be a National Round in 2024.


Australian Capital Territory

Contact: Trevor Rapson - [email protected]
Registration Deadline: 11 April 2024
Commencement of Crystal Growing: 29 April 2024
Deadline for Receipt of Crystal Submission: 31 July 2024
Click to register:


New South Wales

Details for the New South Wales competition are yet to be confirmed. 


Northern Territory


Details for the Northern Territory competition are yet to be confirmed. 



Details for the Queensland competition are yet to be confirmed. 


South Australia

South Australian participants are encouraged to enter the Crystal Growing Competition in conjunction with the Oliphant Awards. The South Australian Branch will not be running the competition in 2024.




Details for the Tasmanian competition are yet to be confirmed.



Details for the Victorian competition are yet to be confirmed. 


Western Australia

The competition will not be running in Western Australia in 2024.

Crystal Growing Competition

Check the list of participating States on this page to see which ones will be hosting the competition in 2024.

Purchase your Crystal Growing Kit 

Please refer to the links and contacts above to facilitate purchasing of Crystal Kits in 2024.

Helpful tools and videos


How to Grow a Large, Single Crystal #1 (Seed Crystal)

How to Grow a Large, Single Crystal # 2 (Crystal from Seed)

State Crystal Growing Competition Judging - ACT 2020