Western Australian Branch

Welcome to the WA Branch. Our committee meets on a bimonthly basis to collaborate and establish regular activities and events for our local members and the wider community.

Branch committee

President Dr Matthew Boon
Secretary Mr Peter Anstis
Treasurer Dr Paula McLay ( & Newsletter Editor)
Past President Ms Keelie Munroe
Chair - Analytical Chemistry Group Dr Neil Robinson
Chair - Chemical Education Group Mr Nathan Curnow
Chair - Women in Chemistry Group Dr Alexandra Yeung
Chair - Early Career Chemist Group Ms Varshini Kumar
Chair - Industry Group Mr Stuart Day
General Members Mr Ferdie Ferrante
Dr Terry Humphries (Chemaraderie Coordinator)
Dr Elodie Rousset
Dr Vicky Barnett
Dr Marcus Korb

Regular Events

Our branch is very active in holding regular events. Highlights include:

  • Western Australia held many regular event such as Global Womens Breakfast, Science Week Branch Awards dinner, Student Careers Night, WA Analytical group "Hackers" Golf day, Instrument trade show.


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Connect with us

If you would like connect with the WA branch please contact us.

Contact Us

or via email: raci-wacmt@raci.org.au 

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    Hi WA Members, The next Chemaraderie is on 17th July - please register now! Dr Masoumeh Zargar from the School of Engineering at Edith Cowan University will be speaking on Advanced Membranes for Effective Microplastic Removal and Enhanced Antifouling ...

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    Dear Female WA Branch Members, Our friends at STAWA have contacted me regarding their STEMXX Siters Event in 2024, wanting to see if there were any female RACI members who might be interested in hosting a workshop at one of their upcoming events in ...

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    Hi Stuart, I believe our finance officer will be issuing you an invoice this week- you'll be able to pay with a credit card once received. Thanks, Hannah ------------------------------ Hannah McCarthy Education & Outreach Coordinator (National) ...

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    I have been sent an account and would like to pay it on line via the RACI web page. What is the process please. Regards Stuart Day ------------------------------ Stuart Day General Manager ------------------------------

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    Looks like some great events coming up! Thanks for your great work on the Newsletter, Paula (as always:)) ------------------------------ Keelie Munroe National Division Manager- Life Sciences KE Select- Scientific & Medical Recruitment keelie@keselect.com ...

Branch supported Awards

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (WA) Prize(s) in Chemistry
Each academic year, we recognize the highest achieving undergraduate Chemistry Student from the various universities in Western Australia

Our Groups

Within our Branch we have established a range of specialist interest Groups. They have been formed to encourage networking and other events between members who have a particular area of interest, and to encourage the wider chemistry community to participate. We'd love you to be involved. 

The WA Analytical Chemistry Group aims to develop greater collaboration in the chemistry community and better the understandings of analytical chemistry, techniques and technologies. We go about this by providing events and seminars that encourage corporations, industry chemists, teaching chemists, research chemists or any other interested people to come together, network, interact and learn off of one another. We are always keen to have new members join the committee. Please contact the secretary Peter Anstis at peteranstis@bigpond.com or 0409 039 605.


The Group organises:

·       annual "Hacker's Golf Day"

·       annual laboratory tour

·       biennial Laboratory Instrumentation Expo/trade show

Education and engagement are critical to developing a steady supply of future chemists and chemically literate members of society. The WA Chemical Education Group fosters close and continuing relationships with students, their teachers and practising chemists - both industrial and academic - with the objective of developing interest in and an understanding of the benefits and impacts of chemical sciences.


The Group organises:

·       the annual Bayliss Youth Lecture series (the lecture is given in numerous locations)

·       WA participation in the National Titration Competition ("Titration Stakes")

·       WA participation in the National Crystal Growing Competition


The Group also represents RACI at Science Teachers Association of WA events (Future Science and CONSTAWA) and looks for ways to further support engagement with the RACI, its activities and engagement with chemical sciences.

The WA Women in Chemistry Group supports and promotes women working in the chemistry field in Western Australia. Our mission is to support WA female chemists in increasing their visibility and developing their careers through networking events and mentorship. Our professional development events focus on targeted skills including leadership, media and communication. Mentoring activities showcasing female role models aim to encourage girls and young women to consider careers in chemistry – contributing to addressing the problem of gender gap in STEM.  Our social events are family friendly to allow greater participation. We aim to encourage more inclusive policies in the workplace to build a more equal and diverse environment, ultimately allowing for more sustainable career paths.


The Group organises:

·       the WA participation in the IUPAC Annual Women's Breakfast

·       occasional professional development functions

·       family-friendly social functions


You can follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter) to keep up to date with our news and events. Feel free to also email us at winc.raci.wa@gmail.com.

The WA Early Career Chemists (ECC) Group is run by a diverse committee of students, graduates and young professionals who are all passionate about increasing early career chemist visibility in the RACI and in their professional settings. Our core goal is to create a community amongst ECCs in WA and assist ECCs in their professional journey, whether it be towards furthering their careers, increasing their networks, or just providing support during stressful times of work or study. We also provide a social element for ECCs in Perth, to connect and form relationships with chemists from all backgrounds and professions. We are excited to hold social events that aim to connect our members and to start developing long lasting professional relationships with peers and mentors. Keep in touch with our news and events by following us on social media ( Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn).


The group organises:

·       the annual Careers Night

·       regular professional development functions

·       a range of social functions


We are always looking for new keen chemists to join. If you would like to get involved in the committee, or partner with us in the organisation of events, please contact us at waeccgroup@gmail.com.

At the WA Industry Group, we are dedicated to strengthening the voice of industrial chemistry and chemical sciences in Western Australia. Our mission is to work collaboratively with academic institutions to advance chemical science knowledge across the region.


We are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services, including:


·       Guided Site Tours: Explore cutting-edge industrial facilities and gain insights into innovative chemical processes.

·       Government Policy Engagement: Participate in influential discussions and focus groups with the WA government to shape policies that impact the chemical industry.

·       Cultivating Collaborations: We actively encourage partnerships and cooperation to address industry challenges in the development of new materials and products that lead to innovative technologies, such as enhancing downstream processes in basic commodities that add value to our exports, implementing eco-friendly production practices, efficient waste management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fostering a circular economy, and facilitating the transition to sustainable energy solutions. We can also assist in the creation of new formulations in pharmaceuticals, polymers, or speciality chemicals, which can open new markets and revenue streams.


We are dedicated to supporting the community by promoting WA's industry internships and graduate programs. We actively participate in career fairs and offer mentorship opportunities, forging a robust network of both aspiring and experienced chemists within Western Australia's industrial landscape.


Join us in shaping the future of the chemical industry in Western Australia, where innovation and collaboration are at the heart of our endeavours. Together, we can pioneer a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.


To contact the WA Industry Group, your catalyst for chemical excellence, please email raci.wa.industry@gmail.com or follow us on social media (Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn).