Crystal Growing Competition

Dear Community,

This message serves to confirm that RACI National activities related to the Crystal Growing Competition, the Titration Competition, the Titration Teacher Challenge have been paused for the year 2024 whilst we review our national offerings. Despite this pause, there may still be School programs available at your State/Territory level for participation. For details on what may be available in your State/Territory, please refer to the information on this page and keep an eye out on our social media accounts for updates. 

Please note that the International Chemistry Quiz is not impacted and students can be enrolled in this. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to your continued participation in our School programs.

Best regards,

The RACI Education & Outreach Team

Spark Your Child's Curiosity with the RACI Crystal Growing Competition! 

Searching for an exciting and educational adventure in chemistry for your primary and secondary school students? Look no further - dive into the world of crystals with the RACI Crystal Growing Competition!

Our competition isn't just about science; it's about turning learning into a thrilling journey. Unleash the scientist within as your students embark on simple yet captivating chemical experiments. The process is not just safe and simple; it's a blast! Designed to sprinkle a dash of magic into the world of chemistry, this competition aims to ignite a lifelong love for the subject.

Whether your child participates individually, in small groups, or with the entire class, the Crystal Growing Competition promises an experience that's as educational as it is entertaining. Let's make learning in the realm of chemistry an adventure your students will cherish forever!

Open to students in Australia. 

State Competition Details 2024

Australian Capital Territory

Contact: Trevor Rapson -

Registration Deadline: 11 April 2024

Commencement of Crystal Growing: 29 April 2024

Deadline for Receipt of Crystal Submission: 31 July 2024

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Contact: VIC Branch -

Registration Deadline: 26 July 2024

Commencement of Crystal Growing: 29 April 2024

Deadline for Receipt of Crystal Submission: 13 September 2024

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1st: Remy, Annesley Junior School

2nd: Clara

HC: Christopher, Raymond (Kennedy College)


1st: Charles, Pultney Grammar School (SA)

2nd: Hayden, Paringa Park Primary (SA)

3rd: Sophia, SCEGGS (NSW)

HC: Chelsea, St Thomas' College Goodwood (SA); Van, Whitfield State School (QLD); Henry, Williamstown Primary School (SA);


7-12 Alum

1st: Rachel and Imogen, Ipswich Girls Grammar

2nd: Matilda, Ashlie and Arya, Ipswich Girls Grammar

3rd: Zara and Conno, St Mary's College Maryborough

HC: Mariah, Unley High School; Nancy (school unknown)


7-12 Open

1st: Bianca Ratajkosn and Chloe Fennel, TIGS (NSW)

2nd: Austin Miao, TIGS (NSW)

3rd: Tristan Triggs, Cannon Hill (QLD)

HC: Elodie O'Brien, Cannon Hill (WLD); Alice, Kaylee and Renee, Perth College (WA)

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