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At RACI, celebrating our members' strides in advancing the chemical enterprise and fostering positive impacts in organisations, communities, and society is among our most crucial and fulfilling roles.

Embracing diversity stands as a fundamental value at RACI.

We actively encourage individuals from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds to either apply for or be nominated for all RACI awards.

The Western Australian Branch of the RACI celebrates outstanding contributions to the Western Australian Chemistry community through the endowment of the following Awards.

Awards for individuals can be self-nominated or you can nominate a deserving colleague. Details for eligibility, guidelines and key dates can be found below. So, what are you waiting for? 

W E Ewers Citation Award (Wilf Ewers Citation)

The W E Ewers Citation Award, generally known as the Wilf Ewers Citation, is named after Dr Wilf Ewers. Dr Ewers was born in WA in 1919 and graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1939.  He spent much of his working life with the CSIRO and was a talented minerals scientist, travelling the length and breadth of the state, and was instrumental in the development of the modern WA mining industry. Dr Ewers was President of the RACI WA Branch in 1967 and 1968, and passed away in 2020. The inaugural presentation of the Wilf Ewers Citation was in 1990.
The citation recognises contributions made to furthering the profession of chemistry, particularly in WA. It is expected that these contributions will normally be made through the activities of the WA Branch.  This citation is not meant to cover achievements in chemical science and technology since these are recognised by other RACI awards.
Applications open 1 May and close on 25 July each year.  Application is to the WA Branch (raci-wacmt@raci.org.au).
Applicants must be current, financial corporate members (MRACI/FRACI) of the RACI.  The application should include a short statement of contribution outlining how the applicant has assisted chemistry in WA, and the Branch activities in which they were involved.  A person may only be awarded the citation once. RACI members are encouraged to nominate appropriate candidates for this award.  
Applications will be assessed by a subcommittee including the WA Branch President and three other RACI members. 
The award prize consists of an official certificate and award of $250. The presentation is made at the National Science Week Dinner and Awards Night in August.
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A. McA. Batty Medal (Batty Medal)

The A. McA. Batty Medal, generally known as the Batty Medal, is named after Mr Alton McAllan (Bill) Batty.  Bill Batty graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1933. He was employed by CSBP & Farmers for much of his working life. He had wide ranging appointments in many civil, government and industrial organisations, and was actively involved with the RACI for many years, serving as WA President in 1955.  Bill Batty was the inaugural recipient of the Medal in 1978 and passed away in 1984. CSBP and Farmers were acknowledged as having made a substantial contribution to the establishment of the Medal.
This award is to be made to a member of the WA Branch who has made an outstanding contribution to chemistry, in particular, in the field of chemistry applied to industry or commerce, to the environment or to the quality of human life. The intent of this award is to recognise a member of the RACI who has not had opportunities to publish their work, but has been associated with the transfer of research to technology.
The award is not made more frequently than biennially.   Applications open 20 July and close on 20 October each second year (2024, 2026, etc). Application is to the WA Branch (raci-wacmt@raci.org.au).
Applicants must be current, financial corporate members (MRACI/FRACI) of the RACI.  The application should include a current CV (approx. 3 pages) and statement of contribution (approx. 500 words).  The statement of contribution should describe the applicant’s major contributions to chemistry in industry, commerce, environment or human life.
Applications will be assessed by a subcommittee including the WA Branch President and three other RACI members. 
The award is an engraved bronze medal.   The presentation is made at the WA Branch and Group AGM in November.  The recipient will typically present a lecture at this event.
Applications can be submitted by clicking here link

Previous Award Recipients

W. E. Ewers Citation Award

2023 - Dr Terry Humphries

2022 - Dr Dino Spagnoli

2021 - Mr Ferdie Ferrante

2020 - Not awarded

2019 - Dr David Ralph

2018 - Not awarded

2017 - Dr Alf Larcher

2016 - Not awarded

2015 - Mr Peter Anstis

2014 - Prof Simon Lewis

2013 - Mr Shane Koenig

2012 - Dr Kathryn Linge

2011 - Dr Maree Baddock

2010 - Not awarded

2009 - Mr Kelvin Lord

2008 - Mr Reg Rowe

2007 - Mr Rick Staker

2006 - Dr Paula McLay

2005 - Mr Mike Rowe

2004 - Mr Peter McCafferty

2003 - Mrs Oana Chirila

2002 - Mr Stewart Jones

2001 - Dr Mauro Mocerino

2000 - Mr Roger Shulz

1999 - Dr Steve Errington

1998 - Mr Ian Sills

1997 - Prof Mel Sargent

1996 - Mr Harry Douglas

1995 - Dr Armand Zurhaar

1994 - Mrs J K Hosking

1993 - Mr Chris Dodd

1992 - Mr Reg Wray

1991 - Mrs Margaret Martin

1990 - Dr David Phillips

A. McA. Batty Medal (Batty Medal)

2022 - Not awarded

2020 - Not awarded

2018 - Not awarded

2016 - Mr Luke McGuiness

2014 - Dr John Watling

2012 - Dr John Bromly

2010 - Dr Andrew Sierakowski

2008 - Mr P Bannister

2006 - Mr C Eldridge

2004 - Dr B Chesson

2003 - Not awarded

2002 - Dr J E P Wajon

1999 - Dr I D MacLeod

1997 - Dr G P Power

1996 - Not awarded

1994 - Mr L C Stonehouse

1992 - Dr D K Philip

1990 - Mr K Thompson

1988 - Dr D Koch

1986 - Mr C W Hastie

1984 - Not awarded

1982 - Mr D T Rigden

1980 - Mr B Becher

1978 - Mr A McA Batty

We encourage you to apply, nominate, and share this information with individuals whom you believe deserve recognition.

Please keep in mind that nominations should align with the principles outlined in the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and our award adjudicators will assess a diverse array of output measurements.

For awards that establish career timeframes as criteria, we will utilize the ARC’s Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence parameters [ROPE] to evaluate any career interruptions encountered, including those stemming from Covid regulations.


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