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2024 Nomination Dates



The R.K Murphy Medal

2 April

30 June


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R. K. Murphy Medal

The R.K. Murphy Medal is the most prestigious honour awarded by the Industrial Chemistry Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. The award consists of a medal, an official citation and $2500. The cash component of the award is intended to assist the medallist in further promoting the award and the RACI, and to cover the reasonable expenses incurred in delivering a lecture to the RACI.

The R.K. Murphy Medal will be awarded to a member of the RACI for their outstanding achievement in process chemistry, chemical engineering or related areas in the chemical industry (including commercial or marketing functions). The award may be given to an individual or to a small project team, but not a company.

Whilst the R.K. Murphy Medal is intended to recognise significant recent contributions (ideally during the preceding five years), it may also be awarded for personal achievements over a longer period. If a nomination is based on a specific contribution to the industry, the work of the candidate(s) shall be of published or publishable material, and the work shall be unique, novel and innovative in character. Ideally, the technology involved shall be predominantly of Australian origin. The terms of reference for the R.K. Murphy Medal are intentionally wide to embrace, for example, Institute members actively involved over lengthy periods in advisory capacities to Government.

Candidates may apply personally or be nominated by other members of the Institute.

If a candidate is nominating themselves, then their nomination must be seconded by another RACI member.

Candidates must be members of good standing in the Institute and no person would normally be eligible to receive the award on more than one occasion.

The applications will be reviewed, and the successful candidate selected by a panel appointed by the standing committee of the RACI Industrial Chemistry Division. The division reserves the right to not award the R.K. Murphy Medal if no suitable nominations are received.

Nominations are to be submitted online (link on this page).

Members will be advised when nominations are open for submission.

Following the deadline, no additional applications or nominations for the award will be considered.

If the selection committee determines that no candidate demonstrates adequate merit, they reserve the right to abstain from granting the award.

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