Supramolecular Chemistry Divisional Awards

Celebrate excellence with us as we bestow a diverse array of awards, acknowledging to the realm of supramolecular chemistry. Join us in honouring those who illuminate the path of knowledge and inspire future generations. 

Currently, nominations for this division are not being accepted.

 Notification will be sent to members once nominations reopen in the future.

The Fay and Len Lindoy Award

Awarded annually by The RACI Supramolecular Division for outstanding early career research in supramolecular chemistry

The candidate is required to be a current member (for a minimum of 3 years) with less than 10 years professional experience relative to opportunity since completing their PhD, or equivalent. Career breaks and periods of less than part-time employment will be recognised and should be clearly outlined in a cover letter.

Nominations can be submitted by any RACI member including the nominee (self-nomination). The nominations will require:

  • a current CV (max 5 pages) including a list of the 10 most relevant publications or other outputs and
  • a synopsis of independent research work conducted while a member of the RACI and since the completion of the PhD thesis which has contributed significantly towards the development of an area of supramolecular chemistry (max 2 pages).

Nominations are to be submitted online (link on this page).

Members will be advised when nominations are open for submission.

Following the deadline, no additional applications or nominations for the award will be considered.

If the selection committee determines that no candidate demonstrates adequate merit, they reserve the right to abstain from granting the award.

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