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At RACI, celebrating our members' strides in advancing the chemical enterprise and fostering positive impacts in organisations, communities, and society is among our most crucial and fulfilling roles.

Embracing diversity stands as a fundamental value at RACI.

We actively encourage individuals from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds to either apply for or be nominated for all RACI awards.

Explore our awards recognising our Early Career Chemists

Catalyst Award

This award is designed to recognise an early career chemist for outstanding innovation in Applied Chemistry in the workplace (industrial, commercial, government or education). "someone who incites action or activity in the Chemical arena".

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C.S. Piper Award

For the best published original research work carried out mainly in Australia in the fields of soil chemistry or the mineral nutrition of plants.

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Conforth Medal

The medal, bearing the words "For a Thesis on Chemical Research", is designed to give recognition of outstanding achievement in chemistry and to promote chemical communication.

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Masson Memorial Award

Established as a memorial to the late Sir David Orme Masson, Founder of the RACI, this prestigious scholarship is open to RACI members who are eligible to proceed for a year's study of Chemistry at BSc Honours level.

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RACI Postgraduate Student Travel Award

The RACI introduced the Postgraduate Student Travel Award to assist Postgraduate Student Members of the Institute to travel professionally from their home institution.

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Rennie Memorial Medal

Recognises excellence in research in chemical science.

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Rita Conforth Lectureship

The award is offered to an outstanding female early-career chemist for an opportunity to gain broader recognition of their career achievements to date.

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The RACI National Awards are open from 1 April to 30 June.

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Featured Award

Masson Memorial Award

In tribute to the enduring legacy of the visionary Sir David Orme Masson, the esteemed Founder of the RACI, we have established the Sir David Orme Masson Memorial Award. This distinguished honour not only serves as a heartfelt memorial but also as a beacon for excellence in the field he so passionately pioneered. The deserving recipient will be bestowed with the prestigious Memorial Medal, a copy of Len Weickhardt's captivating book, 'Masson of Melbourne - The life and times of David Orme Masson,' and a financial grant of $500. This award not only commemorates a luminary but also serves as a token of encouragement for aspiring leaders in the chemical community.

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