Industrial Chemistry

Our Division provides an extensive networking platform for the discussion and advancement of all aspects of industrial chemistry, from those involved in the manufacture of basic chemicals through to intellectual property and marketing.

Our Purpose

We created the Industrial Chemistry Division to:

  • provide seminars and workshops for members to communicate relevant information and raise awareness of issues affecting the chemical industry
  • promote networking amongst like-minded members and develop a divisional database of contacts
  • provide a voice for industrial chemistry to Government and other appropriate regulatory bodies
  • recognise outstanding achievement in industrial chemistry through awards and articles in our RACI publications.

Typically, industrial chemistry is concerned with using chemical and physical processes to transform raw materials into products that are beneficial to humanity. This includes the manufacture of basic chemicals to produce products for various industries including oil and petroleum, cosmetics, fragrances and flavours, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, textiles, water and waste water purification and plastics. To adapt with changes in modern society we also welcome members from the many ancillary services associated with the chemical industry, such as: chemical engineering, specialist laboratory services, quality assurance and accreditation, intellectual property and trademarks, regulatory and technical affairs, safety and compliance, consulting, scientific equipment, sales and marketing of chemicals. And the list goes on.

Regular Events

ANZ Federation of Chemical Engineering

To extend the reach of the Division and collaborate with other similar professional associations, our Industrial Chemistry Division is proud to be a partner of the ANZ Federation of Chemical Engineers. The Federation was formed in 1997 and comprises partners from:

  • The RACI
  • Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)
    • Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia (IChemE)
    • Society of Chemical Engineers, New Zealand (now SCENZ - IChemE in New Zealand)


    Two important activities overseen by the Federation each year are Chemeca and the ANZ Chemical Awards of Excellence.



    Chemeca conferences are organised by a committee of professionals drawn from academia, government and industry, providing an opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas and listen to other pre-eminent speakers presenting innovation, cutting edge research, technology, government regulation and industrial developments. Further details on Chemeca awards can be found here

    ANZ Chemical Engineering Awards of Excellence

    The Federation recognises outstanding achievement in the fields of chemical engineering and industrial chemistry through the annual ANZ Chemical Engineering Awards of Excellence. These awards are generally presented annually at the Chemeca dinner. The awards include the Chemeca Medal which is the most prestigious award in the chemical engineering profession in New Zealand and Australia. It is awarded to a prominent New Zealand or Australian Chemical Engineer who has made an outstanding contribution, through achievement or service, to the practice of Chemical Engineering in its widest sense and who continues to serve the profession. The recipient of the Award is invited to present a plenary lecture at the annual Chemeca conference. Other awards are available and rely on the generosity of sponsors to support the funding of the prize-money and consideration of the award criteria from time to time. Further details on these awards can be found here

    Divisional Committee


    Dr Gary Bowman

    Treasurer Dr Andrew Jones

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