Editorial Team

Meet The Editorial Team

The editorial team is responsible for all aspects of the production of the magazine. 

Guy Nolch


Guy is an experienced scientific editor, having commenced his publishing career with peer-reviewed journals before being appointed as Editor of Search, the journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science.

Since then he has been the Editor and Publisher of the popular science magazine Australasian Science and the history journal Agora, edited school textbooks as well as journals for professional organisations, written articles and editorials for newspapers and magazines, founded and presented the science program Einstein A GoGo on 3-RRR FM, and presented segments on Radio National’s Science Show and Ockham’s Razor. He also co-authored Dangerous Australian animals with toxicologist Professor Struan Sutherland. 

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Catherine Greenwood

Production Editor 

Production editor Catherine Greenwood’s long association with Chemistry in Australia started in 1996. With a BSc from the University of Tasmania and PhD from Imperial College, London, she also uses her science background to edit journals, and student resources and textbooks for the Australian and PNG curriculum.

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