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At RACI, celebrating our members' strides in advancing the chemical enterprise and fostering positive impacts in organisations, communities, and society is among our most crucial and fulfilling roles.

Embracing diversity stands as a fundamental value at RACI.

We actively encourage individuals from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds to either apply for or be nominated for all RACI awards.

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Catalyst Award

This award is designed to recognise an early career chemist for outstanding innovation in Applied Chemistry in the workplace (industrial, commercial, government or education).

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Centenary of Federation Teaching Award - Team Initiatives

Award previously was for individuals but now has been recalibrated for team excellence - This award acknowledges that impactful new initiatives in the education sector are increasingly developed by teams of people, rather than individuals acting alone. The award is available for with up to three teams, one each for primary, secondary, and tertiary education initiatives.

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Ochre Award - For First Nations Australians

This award will be offered to a person of Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander descent who has a  genuine interest in Chemistry and a passion to highlight the wonders of science within their community.

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RACI Welcome Award

To honour and welcome a chemist who is new to Australia, works in Australia, and has done so for up to 3 years (career breaks up to 6 years will be considered).  The applicant should be at a career stage where they would qualify for election as a Fellow of the RACI.  Only work performed in Australia will be considered. 

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Vicki Gardiner Advocacy Award

This award has been established to honour the outstanding contributions of Dr Vicki Gardiner.  Vicki has worked tirelessly to promote the RACI and to progress the participation, success, and recognition of underrepresented groups of chemical professionals.  The award is to recognise outstanding leadership in the areas of promotion of chemistry,  outreach, mentorship and inspiration and the provision of a more equitable workplace.

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The RACI National Awards are open from 1 April to 30 June.

During this time, you are invited to submit applications below.




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Featured Award

Catalyst Award

The RACI presents the Early Career Chemist Award, meticulously crafted to celebrate exceptional innovation in Applied Chemistry within diverse professional domains, including industrial, commercial, government, or educational settings. This accolade is a testament to the recipient's outstanding contributions and ground-breaking initiatives that propel the chemical landscape forward. Designed for those who catalyse change and ignite dynamic endeavours, this award seeks to recognize and applaud early career chemists who exhibit remarkable prowess in transforming theoretical knowledge into practical, impactful solutions. It serves as a beacon for emerging leaders, inspiring them to infuse dynamism and creativity into the ever-evolving realm of Applied Chemistry.

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